Dr. Victor G. Papagiannopoulos
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Dr. Victor G. Papagiannopoulos
We allocate the biggest variety and the biggest reserves in para-pharmaceutical products. In us you will find more from 8.500 different para-pharmaceutical products.  
Cosmetics of high specifications of bigger houses (Vichy, Roc, Avene etc), 
Dietetic products, 
Body care and foot treatment products, 
Mouth hygiene products, 
Orthopaedic products, instruments and aids, 
Anatomic-orthopaedic foot wears, 
medical products (tools, instruments, aids e.t.c.), 
Meters of blood glucose, 
Pressure-gauges normal and electronic, 
Electric hot-water bottles, 
Liquids for contact lenses, 
Pregnancy test, 
Baby products, 
Products of hygiene of infants, egky'wn and lehwj!dw'n, 
Baby milks and foods, 
as well as more than 8.500 other products.

Drugstore’s laboratory
Drugstore’s laboratory is completely organised and we have sufficiency of all raw material. Fridays of medicines and cosmetics take place in a few minutes from the moment you will bring the medical prescription to us. 
Key Benefits 
Complete organisation, 
Sufficiency of raw materials 
Friday of medicines and cosmetics in a few minutes. 


Dr Victor G. Papagiannopoulos has five academic degrees. One of them is the postgraduate title of study with specialization "Cosmetics-Cosmetology" in the sector of Pharmaceutical Technology, in the Pharmaceutical department, in the National and Kapodistria University of Athens (you look at biography). His specialization is to prescribe and to produce any kind of cosmetic products. 

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Iokastis 65 & Plastira 30, N. Zografou, 157 72, Athens, Greece.

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