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Thankgivings for the funeral of major General George Vic. Papagiannopoulos
We thank the Metropolitan of Patras warmly. Chrysostomos who, despite the heavy schedule of the day, attended the execution of the Extreme Service of his spiritual child. 
Warm thanks to the Armed Forces, the Chief of the Army General Staff, Lieutenant General Alcibiades Stefanis and our father's colleagues, for his sympathy with our mourning and for the wreaths that were deposited in our father's grave.  
We also like to extend our warm thanks to the respected Fathers, Monks and Nuns, as well as to all our relatives, friends, as well as the citizens and the politicians who supported us in our deepest mourning and honored with our presence our father's memory during Ceremony of the Exceptional Sequence. We very much appreciate those who put wreaths and bouquets in his tomb.  
We are very grateful to all of the media. honored with the tribute to the face of our eminent father, George Georgios Viktor Papagiannopoulos, his contribution to the homeland and the Greek people, and his ethos and career, which are contemporary examples to be imitated. The family of Lieutenant George Vic. Papagiannopoulos  

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